Arduino Uno-Can Bus Shield-WiFi Shield

Good day everyone, I am relatively new to Arduino, and I have a few questions regarding feasibility of a project. I want to run two shields on one Uno, a Canbus shield and a WiFi shield both from Seeed Studio. Is this possible. Second, I want to be able to read data from a Canbus network, and transmit that data over the WiFi to a smartphone or laptop computer and display it.

How difficult is this going to be, and can I get some help, I am willing to pay. I am a hardware and mechanical person with little experience programming Arduino, I mainly do PLC's and HMI's.

Please let me know if you are willing to help.


Got links to both? First step is to look at the pins used by both, see if there are any conflicts. The Canbus shield has some extra parts - joystick controller, SD card - that may interfere with the WiFi shield.

The Arduino Yún may be better for you than adding a WiFi shield to another model. It has a Linux processor and sd card. There may be less problem of conflict of pin use. On the Yún, you have all the pins available, except 0 and 1.

One way to get the data is over a http connection. On the Yún, that isn't difficult.

Here are the links to both units Wiki,

I havent compared them to see if I have conflicts, although that is a real concern to me. As for the Yun, it looks like it has promise, then I would only need the Can-Bus shield. Basically I can handle the Can communication and interpretation as thats the protocol I use the most in the mobile world, but its transferring that data to the WiFi and then to a destination address where I dont know what I am doing.

Basically I want the end user to be able to open a http page and view what is happening on the rig, in near real time. So a simple GUI that is easy enough to read on a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Any further thoughts guys, I appreciate your input, and like I said, I am willing to pay for help.


I have already done what it is you are trying to do for another client of mine. I cannot give/sell you the code as they own it but i can create something like it for you if you want. Take a look at my website foe an idea of what sort of projects I have taken on and drop me an email/PM if yo want to take this further. I should ask firstly however is this for a one off or the start of something commercial.

Cheers Pete.

As mentioned by you, what you're trying to do is access CAN Bus data from your phone over a wireless network.
What you should really be going for is using an Internet of Things board to get your data onto the cloud where it can be viewed using your laptop/smartphone/tablet, whatever and wherever. I'm part of a company that deals with IOT Technology(Also known as M2M) and would love to take over this project. Do let me know if you're interested and we could further discuss the terms as well as your requirements.
Hope to hear from you soon :slight_smile:

HI ... Is this still alive .. did you fine some one to work with yet ?

One option available to you is to set up the WiFi as an adhoc network and then you can navigate directly using any wifi enabled device to it and a webpage delivered by the device. If your webpage is then smart you can use httpgets to refresh the data on the page without the need to refresh the whole page. This is the basis of Jquery but i cut down simpler for that fit with the arduino single socket model.

Cheers Pete.