Arduino uno can you help me

The humidity sensor can measure the ambient humidity value in the range of 0-95%
RH (relative humidity). Voltage values between 0 – 2V can be observed at its output
and it works linearly.
2. Write what needs to be done to make the 0 – 2V value suitable for the Arduino UNO
analog input and to increase the sensitivity.
3. Write the code that will display the data from this sensor as humidity value with
Arduino UNO. The humidity value should be seen on the serial port screen

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When is our assignment due ?

It needs to be divided down to the interval 0 to 1.1V.

This is left as an exercise for the reader.

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I amazes me how many people have the chutzpah to just post the Homework Assignment on the forum verbatim.

They don’t even bother trying to rephrase it.

They don't even bother to ask questions. Just post it and expect someone to do it for them.

Like I said, chutzpah.

...and this one's a repeat offender.

Must've missed the earlier hint.

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