Arduino Uno - can't use DC motors + Servo motor

Hi every one,

I am trying to use drive shield (based on L298NH). my program is working well for stand alone servo or stand alone dc. But I can't have my DC and servo together, I don't know why id I put following line in setup dc motors will not work any more: myservo.attach(servoPin);

but if i comment it out they will work. here is my full sketch:

const int dir1PinA = 13; const int dir2PinA = 12; const int speedPinA = 10;

// motor B const int dir1PinB = 11; const int dir2PinB = 8; const int speedPinB = 9;

const int servoPin=3;

void setup() { myservo.attach(servoPin); pinMode(dir1PinA, OUTPUT); pinMode(dir2PinA, OUTPUT); pinMode(speedPinA, OUTPUT); pinMode(dir1PinB, OUTPUT); pinMode(dir2PinB, OUTPUT); pinMode(speedPinB, OUTPUT); Serial.begin(9600); }

void loop() { analogWrite(10, 200); digitalWrite(12, HIGH); Serial.println("salam"); // servoScan(scanDegreeFrom, scanDegreeTO, scanDegreeStepping, servoScanDelay); }

please help me with this issue. :~ Is there any one who was able to use servo + dc motors using L298HN shield?

Many thanks, Mani