Arduino uno +cc3000 + aREST issues


I use an Arduino R3 card with wifi module CC3000 and aREST.

My sketch is very close to that proposed by O. Schwartz. I put out 2 servos, 1 led 1 and LDR.

The set works perfectly from a browser on the local network.

When I query the public ip of my box, (I loops in the box), everything is ok.

By cons, when I send the same internet requests from a remote site (a ping at 20-30ms), the first crashes occur every 3, 4, or 5 orders.

If I request from my smartphone, the crash is almost immediate.

When I analyze the packet exchanges, I see a lot of retransmissions and “duplicate ack” with the smartphone and none on the local network.

The web-server supports network latency?

Thank you in advance for your help