arduino UNO + CNC Shield + NEMA17

Hi to all,
im planning to use this motor NEMA17 Jkm nema17 42 hybrid stepper motor 2 phase 1.8 degree 40mm for cnc router Sale -

with the CNC shield. Searching for theory I found this link:

If I understand correctly, a power supply with 24V - 2.5A will it work to drive 3 stepper motor with the drv8825. is correct?

That motor requires 1.7 amps so it will be close to the limit for a DRV8825 - I think it should be OK.

That power supply should be sufficient. It can provide 60 watts and each motor will require about 4.3 watts (I2 * R) but it is wise to allow a good extra margin.


thanks for the reply.