arduino uno code to control 4 bldc of a quadcopter via HC-05 module

I was building a quadcopter and wanted to control my arduino wirelessly from my pc. I bought the HC-05 bluetooth module but can't seem to figure out the code to control the module as well as the 4 brushless motors used.Any help would be appreciated.

Have you done any research on quad control?
It involves much more than wireless communication and 4 motors.

1.) Don’t use the HC-05 (or Bluetooth in general). The reason is because Bluetooth only has a range of about 30ft, which isn’t much. You might want to consider using XBees (you can still use a PC to send data via an XBee).

2.) Use a bldc ESC for motor control.

3.) You need an IMU similar to an MPU9250.

4.) Research complimentary filters and PID control loops.