arduino uno compiling error

I'm having difficulty getting any sketch to compile, even the example sketches. I get this error:exec: "{}/ctags": file does not exist Error compiling.

I don't understand what it means. I appreciate any help. Thanks.

That looks like an error in the java program that runs the IDE and not a problem with your code. I would start by reinstalling the IDE. If that alone doesn't work, check and make sure your java is up to date.

if ctags is missing your installation has been damaged.

ctags is a code tool used too scan C/C++ source code creating an index of macros, constants and function names and what file and position within file they are located. In all likelihood the IDE uses in to provide its preprocessing feature to ensure function prototypes in the code that actually gets passed to the compiler.

If it not there it can't do its thing.

I also had this issue and solved it by performing a new download as recommended. My initial load was by saving to a folder then unzipping and copying to a working folder , somehow I did not have a full IDE. For my second load I used the open option and then copied to the working folder was complete this time , look for the tools-builder folder being present.

This was on a Windows 7 machine .