Arduino Uno connection to MCP2004A

Hi everyone,

I am hopelessly trying to connect my Arduino Uno to the MCP2004A from Copperhill. I have read several other forums threads and have come across lots of different information and have become confused.

I have my MCP2004a connected like so: TX -> TX (Arduino), RX -> RX (Arduino), CS -> Digital 6, Fault-> Digital 7 and GND -> Analog GND (Arduino). I have a 12v adapter connected to the MCP2004A breakout board, nothing connected to VBAT or VCC. The Arduino is connected via USB to my PC.

I have tried sending data (0x00) to the breakout board and I receive nothing back. The breakout board is connected to a linear actuator and sending 0x00 wakes the device and causes it to send a reference (0x25) expected.

My code pulls CS and Fault to HIGH during setup and Serial is set to 19200 baud. I have tried SERIAL_8E1, SERIAL_8N1, and nothing at all.

I have been unable to receive any data from the breakout board.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for your help!

Post a link to the actuator datasheet.

Here is the link to the LinBus spec the actuator uses: Spec

This is all of the documentation that exists for the actuator. I know this particular actuator (Linak LA18A) uses identifier 37 of the above spec for communication.