Arduino UNO Controller speed

I have searched many places including the main site and i have been unable to find information involving the processor speed of the Arduino UNO, thanks in advance for any assistance

16MHz is the clock rate.

Man, you didn't look very hard!

Check out the "summary" section.

Just how hard did you search ?

I suppose I worded my question wrong, or simply do not know what I need, I am using a program (X-Sim) that asks for speed and the way it lists it is strange to me, seeing as I am a high school senior with limited knowledge in this field.
this is a picture of the program, the info that would go into "comport speed and control" is what i need

We can't all see your picture.
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Sorry, it should be there now

That looks fine - 115,200, 8 bits, no parity, one stop bit.

Thank you for all your help