Arduino Uno: Current Consumption Serial.print() etc.


I have tried to find information about the current consumption of Arduino Uno at the usage of commands like Serial.print() or the serial communication respectively, but it is difficult. Therefore I'm looking forward about this current current consumption. Moreover I would like to know, if there is any influence on the current consumption of ther serial-commands, if USB is not connected.

Regards and thank you very much BeDa

The Uno's ATmega328p does not use much current to drive its serial pins (e.g. without a load on its pins), but I'm not sure what the USB-to-serial bridge will do when it is not connected to USB, it may be possible to hold the bridge in reset (it is an ATmega16u2) to make it high impedance the serial lines so there is no loading on them. Holding the ATmega16u2 in reset should also drop the Uno current usage from about 50mA to about 30mA.