Arduino Uno + Datalogger + Ethernet Shield

I am trying to get this setup working. I want to send data via Ethernet and store it in the datalogger.

I wanted to check if my ethernet-shield is working but it ain't somehow. I am using Arduino Uno and the code that the IDE provided (DHCPprintAddress).

Edit: I got an IP address in my ethernet-settings from windows. I can even ping it. But oddly I can ping the same IP when I disconnect the arduino and it's marked with "disconnected" so it doesn't seem to be the right IP. But the pinged IP is never shown in my router settings - I have no idea what exactly I am pinging there successfully.

Is this setup even possible?

Edit2: Ok, it is working when connecting the Ethernet shield directly with the UNO but not when it's connected like this: Ethernet > Logger > Uno.

Why is that? Isn't it possible?

Please provide a link to where you bought the Datalogger from.

The Logger is bought from Amazon (link below) the ethernet shield I got from my superior

Amazon Datalogger

I could provide pictures from the setup but I guess it's quite clear. Now that it's working its:

Ethernet Shield to Uno. Datalogger to Ethernet Shield.

Ethernet Shield connected with router. Uno loaded with the code "DHCPaddressprinter" from the examples in the Arduino IDE. Next step I would try is to actually transfer data. But I fear that it won't be possible because of prior failures stacking those 2 shields on my UNO.

The problem is that the Ethernet shield uses the ICSP header on the Uno for its SPI connections, but that datalogger shield doesn't have its ICSP header pins populated. If you want to make it work with the Ethernet shield on top then you'll need to get a long/wirewrap/passthrough 2x3 female header and solder it to the datalogger shield with the female part on the bottom of the shield.

The ICSP header location is marked on the top of the datalogger shield.