Arduino UNO does not recongnized by USB port


I am new to Arduino. My computer does not recognize Arduino UNO on USB port. I followed below steps

  • I installed 1.6.3 drivers in my computer with Windows 7 service pack 1, 64 bit
  • Connected Arduino UNO board with USB cable (A plug to B plug --> same like printer cable)
  • Two LEDs on the board are permanently on ('ON' LED and 'L' LED)
  • Computer started installing device drivers but I cannot see "Arduino" on device manager. I checked "Other devices" for "Unknown devices", but board was not in the list. It has not recognized as external device

Could you please help me to solve the initial installation problem I have. What is the recommended Arduino software version for Windows 7?

Thank you


Please review this:

Usually it is a matter of getting the right device driver. My screen shots may help you.

There are few other posts on the same blog for Arduino.

ensure you're plugged into a normal USB2 port, excluding any hubs, USB3 ports, and power settings are adequate in (an updated) Bios. If it's a laptop, then check power through ports while off a charger.

You can also (while in Device Manager) delete all the USBs that are shown. Delete them all, and restart the pc. the restarting will restore everything that's plugged in.

Win* has always required a restart, even with the most remedial of tasks. Yet 7 is almost completely self running with msupdate and reboots. I won't recommend 8.1 until 10 gets released. By then, arduinos will be writing themselves.