Arduino Uno does not upload code

So I have been using an Arduino Mega for a while and it worked fine, now that's it is installed in a box, I bought a genuine Arduino Uno for breadboarding, however it seems I can't communicate with it. The "on" light is on, but the other light beside the "L" just blinks. I have tried 2 different usb cables (although not the little short blue one that came with my super kit). I am running Windows 7 64-bit.

My drivers are all installed, I can select "Arduino/Genuino Uno" from the list of boards and "Com7 (Arduino / Genuino Uno)" from the ports. For Programmer I have "ArduinoISP" selected. However when I try to upload it code, it just says "Uploading..." forever.

When I was installing the drivers, it was taking a while so I selected "Skip finding Windows Updates", however when I go to my devices it says it is working properly.

Help? :o

Edit: I just discovered it says "Uploading..." even when my nothing is plugged in, I don't even get an error. :frowning:

Edit: Haha! I discovered that it was because I just upgraded my boards to1.6.12, I changed back to 1.6.11 and it worked! What's with that?

1.6.12 boards is a known PITA but according to Pert they are fixing it on the next release.

You should not need to select programmer either as that tend to be used for other purposes and is mostly ignored when using USB