Arduino Uno doesn't show on ports in macos mojave

I've been trying to troubleshoot this for hours. I've removed the old drivers via:

sudo rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/usb.kext
sudo rm -rf /Library/Extensions/usbserial.kext

and installed the CH 340 drivers when it initially didn't work then after that I got a usb A to usb C adapter to see if that helped and nothing. I've tried with different usb A to usb C adapters as well as different cables and nothing has been working. It also is saying I don't have any drivers when I try to use it on my bootcamp partition.

Any help appreciated!

This sounds silly, but you have verified that you board does have the CH340G serial adapter, right? Not some other serial adapter? (check markings on black chip near USB port) and you're using a version of the driver known to work on that version of MacOS?

If I have the Arduino oriented so the logo is horizontal (usb port on left side) the closest chip which is immediately below it says 507C then there's another one on the right thats smaller that says 202 then the microchip further to the right is atmega16u2. Which chip am I looking for exactly? I may be out of my depth with this; the only reason I installed the ch 340 driver was because I had seen it solve this issue for other people but with possibly different boards.

The 16U2. So you don't need additional drivers.

I'm not a Mac user. Does the Mac have commands like lsusb and dmesg (as in Linux)? Try those and see what happens when you connect the Uno. If there is no reaction, try a different cable; after that it's outside my area of expertise.

Yeah I removed the ch 340 driver and tried using the apple driver with no luck. I've used ls /dev/ to see if it shows up on ports but nothing with multiple cables and adapters. Based on some other postings I'm thinking the problem lies with the usb C thunderbolt ports; I'm using a '17 macbook pro that only has thunderbolt ports so I may be up a creek.