Arduino UNO Doesn't Work W/ Multimeter

I'm trying to measure the voltage coming out of the 5V pin with my multimeter, but Arduino won't power on for some reason when the multimeter is attached.

I have the a wire attatched to 5V pin, which is attached to input at multimeter. Another wire is attached to GND, which is attached to COM on multimeter.

Is my Arduino broken?

Post a photo of exactly how you have it connected to the Arduino. Include the dial position of the multimeter and where are the leads connected into the multimeter. Make sure the photo is in good lighting, clear and in focus, and shows the wiring neatly.

You are probably using the wrong jacks. If you are using the amperage setting and jack you are shorting the 5 volt supply. You must use the common and voltage input jacks with the meter set to DCVolts. See: