Arduino UNO driver not working / Help to figure out it's label

I can't install the correct drivers for my Arduino UNO board.

I'm running Windows 10.

This is how my Device Manager looks like:

I tried following these steps out to manually install the drivers, but had no luck:

I've found this post saying it could be a non official Arduino board:

But I'm not sure if that's the case here, this is my board:

I wasn't able to figure out the label spoken of in the post, so I believe it's an official UNO board.

That is a CLONE and it uses a CH340 driver.

See links below to guide you to the driver

Could you review How to get the best out of this forum as it will help you find your way around.

Or you can use the forum search for CH340.

@Ballscrewbob how were you able to identify that it's a clone?

All I need to know was in the picture.
See the chip near the USB port.
It is always a clue.


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just before few hours I used the same board first time and downloaded the drivers from following link. I am using windows 10 and within few minutes drivers are installed and board started working.

please check if it works for you, because board looks same.

This is what an original looks like :wink:

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lol xD

For security purposes, I strongly recommend always getting drivers from the manufacturer's website. For the CH340 USB chip on your board, that is here:


Thanks, that did the trick.