Arduino UNO + EasyVR 3 Boot mode problems


I have some troubles with my EasyVR 3 (not shield, EasyVR 3 itself). I'm trying to activate boot mode in order to upload new sound tables but I can't. I connect it using my Arduino UNO in adapter mode (Reset shorted to GND). Also, I put wire from Arduino's 3.3V power to XM pin on EasyVR 3 but when I try to connect to EasyVR using Commander, I get error that it couldn't connect to specified COM port (COM port is specified right).

Maybe I do something wrong when I try to keep signal on XM pin? Described here ('Flash Update' topic, page 15)

Please, take a look at the attached photos of my scheme connection.


Hi everyone,

I found the solution! I tried to connect to EasyVR using Commander in order to upload new Sound Table when EasyVR was loaded in boot mode. The right way was not to click connect but to choose File -> Upload Custom Data, select already built QuickSynthesis project and upload it. It connects to EasyVR automatically using bootloader when you upload new custom data.