Arduino uno eeprom

Arduino eeprom life is 100000 write cycles.
I have a simple question that if I write continuously a data in some location then for what time it will work.

The documentation says that an EEPROM write operation takes 3.3ms. So if you were to write continuously on a single location, allowing a bit of overhead for the rest of your code, within 350 seconds you could expect that location to have failed or be close to it.

You can use update instead and at least if the stored data hasn't changed, there will be no impact.

use FRAM for longetivity - FRAM library published - Libraries - Arduino Forum

is this a test ?

if you write 100,000 times to it in 1 second, then it will last, .... 1 second.

if you write to it once per day, it will last... ready ? 100,000 days.

but as I am to understand, if you write to the exact same bit, you get 'about' 100,000 writes.
if you write to the first block, once, then to the next block once... you get to write to each block, about 100,000 times.

this is the failling of the Rasberry PI, it writes to memory constatnly and burns up Micro-SD cards in weeks and months.

I would suggest that you offer more details to what you want to do.
a data-logging shield with an SC card will take the first bit of data, store it in the first block, the second bit in the second block.

so you can record your temperature or humidity, once per second, but you never use the same memory block twice, you just fill up the card. and once you do, you only wrote to each memory block one time.