Arduino Uno + ESP8266 basic connection help

I would like a small tutorial of how to connect a esp8266 to an arduino uno and just have the possibility to turn on a led or similar over wifi.

I have a Arduino Uno, an ESP8266, IIC I2C Interface Level Conversion Module 5-3v

a bredboard + led +resistor

How do I connect all things and get control of the led over wifi?

What ESP8266 have you got?

I have an ESP-01 but it is still in its bag while I finish another project. AFAIK mine has a serial interface so I don't know if your 5v/3v device would be suitable.

My plan is to power mine from the Arduino 3v pin and use a level shifter only on the Arduino Tx. The Arduino should read the 3v Tx of the ESP2866 with no problem (based on my experience with a HC06 Bluetooth module).


This may be a good place to go to find out about connections. Also LUA script examples can be found on the ESP8266 Community Forum.

I was pleased to be able to turn al LED on/off via a URL. Then I discovered Blynk, a smartphone app that enables turning that LED on/off from 'anywhere in the world'. Works the other way too. Want to monitor your home? You can do that. Soon to come for IOS is sending a text. Easy to build interface too.

  • Scotty