Arduino Uno + ESP8266 displaying a web page?


I have an arduino uno with an Ethernet shield so I can use it to display a webpage showing some data collected by the board.

Now I need to move the Uno to a room which has and will not have wired network, but wifi. I have an ESP8266 module and my impression is (which could be false) that I could use this module to connect my Uno to my wifi router and use it to display the page on wifi as well.

I browsed the internet for hours to understand how can I do it, but honestly I got lost without any success.

I am wondering if somebody can point me to a working source code so I can keep my application runnning.

(and while this might sound a blasphemy: I know there are AT commands and so, but I am not interested in the low level stuff, as I would not understand them. I just need an arduino code which is able to connect my Uno to my router and display a simple html page if queried)

thanks in advance.


You don't need the UNO anymore, the ESP8266 alone can do what you want, it's a microcontroller exactly like the Arduino UNO , but it has less inputs/outputs, but bear in mind that the webpage can't be too fancy, just a simple HTML file.

I'm also doing something similar to what you want to do, but didn't yet played with FSBrowser to save the JS or CSS files in the ESP memory, but instead uploaded them to my own server and link them.

First, did you manage to connect the ESP to your computer , do you have an ESP with USB connector? or just the other ESP that don't have USB? If you don't have USB connector on your ESP board you will need a 3.3v programmer (USB to Serial), but if you have a NodeMCU ESP Board or WEMOS D1 ESP things will be the same as with any Arduino with USB connector, very easy to program the ESP directly.

Here is a great tutorial ESP8266 - Easiest way to program so far (Using Arduino IDE) but I strongly suggest that you buy a ESP board with an USB connector so that you can program them easily. After that you can play with it exactly like you do with the arduino UNO, after you install the files so the Arduino IDE recognize the ESP, you will have lot's of examples in the Arduino IDE so you can experiment.

Here's what I did so far:

All these could be true and you did a good job on managing the ESP to do its job.

But still... I dont want to invest to anything else (mostly shipping times kill me), I just want my esp to connect to my wifi router and and transmit a simple html file FROM my arduino to the CLIENT who opened the right IP address in a browser.

So far my ESP responds to AT commands but thats it, I am kinda stuck.

(I still dont know whether I misunderstand the what the ESP can do for me.)

Since I understood that actually the ESP is a microcontroller exactly like ArduinoUNO (and even better in terms of memory, but not as good as arduino if you need lot's of pins) I ignored all the arduino pro mini , pro micro I have as my projects are so much nice with wifi embeded.

So if you don't want to buy anything else you maybe you should try to program the ESP using an USB to Serial, I think it's the same as the ones needed to program Arduino Pro Mini, or maybe you can find locally and USB to Serial programmer, it's very cheap ($1 or $2) !

If you write the program directly to ESP yo don't need to deal with any AT commands.

I don't know any AT commands and can't help you with how to connect Arduino Uno to ESP, but I strongly suggest to try to program ESP directly, it will be much easier, everything will be easier, the only 2 things that are not convenient with the ESP are :

  1. It runs on 3.3v and all the pins are max 3.3v (you burn the ESP pin if you try to connect an pin from arduino to ESP and set it HIGH 5v)
  2. It's harder to program if you don't have a board with USB connector