Arduino Uno - Ethernet Shield V2 - RFID MFRC522

Hi there,

I have a project in development including Arduino - Raspberry LAMP Server and other devices.

I configured well my Arduino Uno Rev3 including its Ethernet Snield V2 sending/receiving data from/to RaspberryPi3.

For now I simulated access control by using a simple button, unleashing then a series of data trafic.

Now, in order to finish the system, I wanted to use a RFID for allowing access or not to it.

As Ethernet Shield is using same PINs to RFID by using SPI library, I am only able to use it not beginning Ethernet Shield at the same time, of course.

What I need is being able to use Ethernet Shield ad RFID simultaneously, would that be possible?.

Thanks in advance!.


It should be possible, the point of SPI is to have multiple devices in chain, sharing the same pins. As we can have several RFID MFRC522 sharing all their pins except SDA, I suppose that the ethernet and RFID could share most of their pins ?