arduino uno for 2 ways communication by using Bluetooth headset

i am working on a project which i will use arduino uno + waveshield and bluetooth module hc-05 to make a communication device. this circuit will be connected to bluetooth headset that already equipped with mic via bluetooth(hc-05 in the circuit). bluetooth headset that im going to use is bluetooth conduction headset.

Think of this project principal as walkie talkie or maybe telephone where there is another identical circuit(arduino uno + waveshield and bluetooth module hc-05) that is also connected to bluetooth headset. Both circuit also are connected by using Bluetooth(maybe from hc-05). And for this project, i have to make two way communication to occur.

my question is that, can hc-05 send an audio(which is from mic of bluetooth conduction headset), to be processed by arduino, then waveshield will eliminate the noise and transfer the audio to another circuit and received by the listener by using bluetooth headset? can this 2 way communication is even possible?

i really hope that someone can help me doing this project!

can hc-05 send an audio

As I understand things, no it can not do an audio streaming mode.