Arduino UNO Fried?

I was connecting LEDs to the digital output pins on my Arduino UNO, and I wanted to test to make sure they were hooked up properly. I connected 7 volts to each led, which was also connected directly to the digital ports on my arduino. The Arduino now won't load with code, and the blinking orange LED labeled L doesn't light up ever. When I try to download code, the compiler returns this: avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00.

One of the surface mount resistors or capacitors (too small to tell) heats up a lot whenever I turn on the arduino.

Did I fry my Arduino, or is there a method for fixing this issue?


Unfortunately, yes, you probably did fry your Arduino. The number ONE rule should never connect an LED directly to any output pin and ground or +5v, without a proper (at least 220 ohm or more) resistor in series. And especially never connect more than +5v to any pin on the Arduino. You may be able to replace the ATmega328P chip but there is no telling what other component you may have fried on the board.