Arduino Uno - Hall Effect Motors

Assistance is requested with wiring and how to code information for using Hall Effect encoders with an Arduino Uno microprocessor.

Project - small robot using Raspberry Pi as I2C master and Arduino Uno as a I2C slave for bot motion control.

Motor and Motor Controller Info:

Pololu 6V motors #2275 w/hall effect encoders

Motor control will be provided by Pololu a M/C # 1451 wired also to the Arduino Uno

I have good understanding about the motors and motor controller, however, I am new to Arduino and unsure about which pins and code to use with so that the Arduino Uno can control the motors.

I am fairly good at reading and making sense of technical info so if you can point me to some info that will help me sort this out I would greatly appreciate it.

Could you edit your post to provide actual links to the pololu products please?