Arduino Uno HC-06 not working

Hello. Working on my 1st ever Arduino project and I'm stuck. Basically I've been trying to figure out why my HC-06 Bluetooth module doesn't work with Arduino UNO.1st I tried the method where I didn't use resistors. The HC's light starts blinking for few seconds and then the light dissapears. Also used 1K and 2K resistors, same thing. Haven't uploaded any codes. HC's pins are connected to 5V, GND, TX(1) and RX(0). Powering Arduino via USB cable. Maybe the 5V damaged my module? I was dumb and removed the plastic thing around the module when I got it, maybe module got damaged by that aswell. Followed this video Doubt there are any errors in wiring. Do I need to upload some sort of code or do something in serial monitor to get this module to work? Really appreciate any help.

Resistors... Where, why, how? Attacha wiring diagram.
The plastic bag You opened is an antistatic bag. Most modern electronics survive normal handling unless You undress from a nylon sweater, caum You hair etc.
Any code involverd?

The RX pin requires 3.3V. I followed the video, took a screenshot of the wiring .The upper resistor is 2k, closer to the module is 1k.
I haven't uploaded any codes yet. Pretty sure the module's light should keep flashing, not turn off. It also should appear when I search for Bluetooth devices but it doesn't.

Attach a diagram. Shakespeare type of diagrams misses things. I will not run the globe around and download stuff.

The only point of note in your post is

then the light dissapears.

and thus the only identifiable problems are

  1. bad wiring
  2. inadequate power
  3. both
  4. abused or faulty module.

The last is not very likely but, if the light came on and then disappeared never to be seen again, it may well be the problem.

Assuming your module is on a breakout board with clear written instructions on the back, it is supposed to run on 3.6 > 6v and 5v is therefore fine.

Assuming you are trying to connect to Android, power is all you need to establish that. There is no need to upload any programme, serial monitor is not required, and Rx Tx can be disconnected. All you need is the flashing light.

Removing the plastic thingy is not likely to do any damage. Using the 1k/2k resistors is a wise move but irrelevant to the current issue, and I have never heard of any module being damaged because they were missing.


I have been using HC-05’s for a few months. I have been lazy and not included voltage dividing resistors. Nothing’s burned out yet.

Did you buy two? Always buy two.


Try connecting Rx ,Tx to other pins( not 0,1) and use SoftwareSerial

The first thing to do is to connect the BT module’s power pins to 5volt and ground (nothing else),
and see if you can pair with the module.
No, you don’t need TX/RX or even an Arduino to pair.
Must get past that point first.

The TX/RX pins of an Uno are already connected to the USB<>Serial chip.
You might be able to piggy-back the BT module to that if you know what you’re doing.
It’s ‘safer’ (data) to use SoftwareSerial on different pins.

Read the “How to post” sticky. Then we won’t have to ask so many questions.
You tube video doesn’t work here, and it should be a link (not just text).

Ordered new HC-06 module, this one is working. Guess it means the other one I bought was broken... But appreciate all the help, can continue with my project now.