Arduino Uno + I2C DLP Pico Projector

Having trouble sending I2C signals to my Pico Projector. I have successfully sent them using a beagleboard and would like to try using the arduino to send them. The signal I sent using the beagleboard is: 0x1b wb4 0x04 0x00000001 using bus3-i2c.

0x1b is the I2C address of the Pico Kit V2 wb4 mean write 4 bytes 0x04 is the register to write to 0x00000001 is the data (32 bits - 8 hex digits) written to the register

How would I go about sending this command using the arduino?


Look at the Wire library. It's a two step process to define the address of the device to talk to, and to send it data.

Use the I2C scanner from this link (somewhere in the 2nd half) - -