Arduino UNO I2C LCD

I have an I2C LCD and I noticed that I can insert SDA and SCL pins in SDA and SCL slots on Arduino Uno and ground to ground, but VCC don’t match with AREF pin on Arduino (above pin 13), so… can I output HIGH (5V) to AREF so I can connect that pin to VCC

Why do want to connect VCC of LED to AREF?

I have made a mistake, I said LED instead of LCD, I'm sorry :slight_smile:

Then, why do you want to connect VCC of LCD to AREF?
You should use +5V for VCC but make sure the LCD is 5V tolerable.

I know that I should connect VCC to +5V, but I noticed that if Arduino output +5V to ARED, I can use this LCD as some kind of shield.

Here is what am I talking about:

The AREF is for A/D converter reference not for power.