Arduino UNO increased storage

Hi I am relatively new to arduino and I wanted to utilise a data base for sound storage on an arduino uno- would this be feasible? Could I use and sd card shield to store code for the uno to proceed? Or are there any other boards with higher capacity (I need really high capacity)?
Any help would be much appreciated

Welcome to the Arduino forum, Daniel.
There need to be more thought given to your project:
1.Where would the data base be created and how often would it be updated?
2. higher capacity is meaningless, how much capacity do you actually have to have?
3.What method will you program for access to your data base and will it be random or sequential?
4. an SD card can store files containing records with data. If by "code" you mean Arduino programs ready for execution, then the answer is NO!
5. Have you investigated existing sound storage and reproduction add-on boards?
Good luck with your project.

It’s not something serious I just want additional storage because I’m already out I just want to be able to extend - it wouldn’t be a database- I could probably fit all the code on the arduino, however I am using a speaker to play recordings and the recordings are rather large so I need an external place to store them where they are accessible by the code- I could also potentially not split them but integrate the recordings into the code and have ie half on board and half on storage
Hope that makes sense

Sorry to say that I detect that you have no clue how sound is converted to digital and back to audio sounds. Your speaker produces sounds from electric signals and does not play recordings. Something else is decoding the sound data file and producing the signals that eventually make the speaker move.
Please study up on how sound is recorded and played back. The Arduino forum has a search capability that will find all kinds of threads relating to sound.

I’m not talking about sound!!! The sound just takes lots of space to store and I need extra space to store it. I’m just asking if I can get an increase in storage for the arduino so it can store more code to run. Is that possible??? And if not are there different boards that have more storage than the arduino Uno?

The amount of space available to run code is fixed by the size of the internal flash memory. The micro cannot run code on an external device. If you need more code space then there are other micros in the Arduino range that have more than an UNO.

Ok thank you very much

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