Arduino UNO & Joystick & Serial

Hello everyone

I’m testing the firmware chip atmega16U2 arduino UNO as USB joystick like unojoy, and it’s perfect.

But i have a little question.

When i flash the firmware. Hex usb joystick windows detects well as joystick but communication and Serial COM device manager disappears.

If I load the Default usb-serial firmware of Arduino UNO, Windows detects the Serial port COMX but then the USB device joystick disappears.

My question: Is it possible to load a firmware “combo” in the chip atmega16U2 UNO R3, and that Windows detects it as a usb joystick and as a serial port at the same time? If it’s possible , how could do it?

I’d like to connect with board to send data, instead of the joystick works at the same time.

Thanks in advance