arduino uno + Keyboard.h

I am trying to use the Keyboard function (Keyboard.h) with my Arduino Uno.

From what i understand this function is not working with this arduino. Is this true?

Can i do anything to fix this problem?

That is a library for the Leonardo. To fix it, replace the Uno with a Leonardo. Then it should work fine.

any way to use it with Uno ?

any way to use it with Uno ?

It's a library for hardware the UNO doesn't have. I guess you could use the serial line to connect your UNO to a Leonardo that's running this code.

It's like if we were watching TV and you said what channel is American Idol on and I said its on channel four and then you say well how can I watch it on channel 7. You can't.

That library is specific to Leonardo. The UNO doesn't have the hardware to act as a USB master. If you want to use that library get a Leonardo.

With the code bellow i can read any character from the keyboard.
I would like to receive all the line instead character by character.
How to modify the code to receive all the line ?

void setup()
//Create Serial Object (9600 Baud)

void loop()

//Now we play the waiting game.
while (Serial.available() == 0);

//read the incoming byte
char val =;



Make yourself an array of char and as you collect each character add it to that array. Don't forget to add a null at the end if you want to print it or use any of the string manipulation functions with it.