Arduino Uno - Keypad - LCD Display - Door Lock


i just got through my first project in about 14 hrs today.

quite happy with the outcome but would like any feedback

link to project here GitHub - siparker/arduinokeypadlock: Arduino Uno keypad and lcd display for triggering a door lock

its a lcd display and keypad to check for a password and open a door lock via a mosfet and electric strike plate if password is correct.

next phase to moutn it to the door and cut the required holes for everything to show through.

Very nice.
It looks like you are a veteran.


thanks for the vote of confidence.

i think one of the most important things i learnt from this was tat if you set pin 14 - 19 as normal digital inputs then the analog pins A0 - A5 just work with no problems at all and assign themselves as being these pins. which is great.

next step is to try and figure out if i can add some incoming wireless or rf signal which will trigger the input also.

might need to move to a mega for that though or use ic2 for the lcd as im down to my last 3 pins on the board.

will keep the project updated as i progress. need to learn about rf now which is gonna be fun !!