Arduino Uno Laser

Hi i recently got a 5mW line laser module (MYD1230) that's supposed to run on 5V. Would it be possible to power it through the Arduinos 5v pin, since il be using Arduino UNO with the laser anyway or do i need an external power source?

Thanks in advance

You need to check the current requirement of the module

Be aware that laser diodes on start up can have a peak current draw higher than the running current.

And how do i do that?
i cant seem to find it on the internet :confused:

25 MA .

Arduino supply should be able to cope with that depending on what else you have attatched to it.

Do not try to run it off an output pin directly though.

Currently i’m using the L298N Motor Driver with my Arduino UNO. What pin should i use for the laser?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

does the motor driver have a separate supply ?

The key is to add up the currents drawn by all the parts and ensure that it does not exceed the current that the UNO can supply.

The pin marked 5V on the power section near the edge

Do not try to run it off an output pin directly though.

Why not?

What pin should i use for the laser?

Any one you want it doesn’t matter.

Why not?

The absolute max for an output pin is 40 mA from memory.

If the module has a large cap on its input it could cause damage to the output stage.

They are normally small but i have seen some modules with large electrolytics.

Please take note of the power supply requirements 3.5 to 4.5V, I have had experience with similar units with similar power input specs, if you use 5V their life is very quickly shortened.

Tom..... :slight_smile:

i missed that, a couple of serial diodes should give a suitable voltage drop.