Arduino uno LCD control

So I got an LCD out of a old camera from walmart
it has 22 pins and I want to know if it would be possable to be used with the arduino?

Possibly, but only if you can find the data sheet for it

Suffice to say, extremely improbable.

For a start, you would need the driver IC to go with the LCD as part of the assembly. You would then need the datasheet for that driver IC.

I suspect you may have the LCD, but not the driver without which is is entirely useless. :roll_eyes:

ok so its just a better idea to buy one made for arduino?

Much, much easier, certainly.

It does not have to be made for use with an Arduino, just suitable for use with an Arduino

ok then can you recommend a good lcd/oled? I want it to be able to display a compass showing what direction my servos are pointed in.
I dont need help with that. Yet. but just for now I want to know if its

It’s doable. I bought one of these to do something similar for a flight sim:

Actually, I just realised that you were referring to the image display LCD, not some small status or numeric display.

The 22 pin interface will be to the actual display driver integrated into the display itself. It remains that without the datasheet for that driver, which is proprietary (3) , it will be impossible to use.

hmmm So I want it to be in color and have a map showing behind the compass so I can see what direction my antenna is pointed in. Kinda like the maps software for a phone that has a little blue thing showing where you are aiming?

here is what I would like it to look like… sorta Idea

So, I am looking at using one of these 3.5 in lcd tft shield and wanted to know if yall know how to use it?

Wait, its the 2.8 in version I was looking at.

I would say it more like the only option for a non-electronics professional is to buy
one made for arduino. An engineer or tech might be able to figure out how to hack
one not made for an arduino but it is extremely unlikely a non-electronics person
would be able to do this. This is evident from the wording of your post:
“So I got an LCD out of a old camera from walmart
it has 22 pins and I want to know if it would be possible to be used with the arduino?”

Any tech or engineer would start by researching the hardware to ascertain if there
is any actionable intel silkscreened or labeled on the device and if so, search google
for it. The fact that you are posting suggests it is beyond your electronics expertise.

Lol Your right! I am not a pro! I did look at all the info on it and I did google it But found nothing… Maybe I should have said that

Are you saying there is no info silksceened on the board ?
Why didn’t you post a photo of it ?

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