Arduino Uno + LEDS + Bunch of other things

Hey everyone. I am new to this, but I have a couple of questions and I'm not even sure if this is the correct place to post this.

I am building a replica of a DJ's helmet (Marshmello) following a brief video I found on YouTube. He doesn't explain much of anything in the video, but gives a parts list for what he used.

The main part is an Arduino UNO, along with two IP20 LED Strips, 3 12vdc Fan, 2 20000mAh External Battery Charger, 2 1000UF/50V Capacitor, 360Ohm Resistor and 24 gauge wire.

I don't know if anyone could help me with figuring how to wire all of this together, or you can just call me an idiot if none of this makes sense, I don't mind haha.

If anyone can help, would be greatly appreciated! I am new to all of this and love the endless possibilities of Arduino. Definitely won't be my last project.

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A link to the video can be useful for others (I in general don’t do youTubes).

You need to know which led strips as it defines the current that you need to be able to drive (sink or source). I have 5 meter ones (12V) and they use 2A (and a 1 meter one will use 2A / 5 = 400mA); you can not drive either directly from the Arduino and you need FETs. See e.g. Nick Gammon’s Driving motors, lights, etc. from an Arduino output pin; you can replace the motor by the led strip and you don’t need diode D1 (when using a led strip).

Sorry, would have been helpful yes