Arduino Uno lost connection to IDE

Hi all,

I'm running my Arduino IDE on Windows 10 and I have the Arduino Uno R3.

I was able to connect my Arduino to the PC, do a little hello world sketch (blink pin 13) and I played around with the delays - making the it blink faster and slower so I uploaded a few times.

Just suddenly, uploads failed. In my IDE, on the Tools menu, the Port sub-item is greyed out. My Windows device manager doesn't show the Uno anymore. I tried resetting the Uno, restarting the PC, different USB cables, different USB ports. Suddenly I cannot detect the Uno anymore. The Uno's green ON light is on. I then installed the Uno manually via Windows device manager but it shows in device manager with a warning and error: This device cannot start. (Code 10).

This is really annoying. Anything I can do to get the Uno back online?

Thanks >:(


I had quite a similar problem mith my arduino nano. If you have a spare usb cable you could try stripping the positive wire and connecting it to voltage input pin.check out