Arduino Uno-LSM303DLM

I have an LSM303DLM accelerometer connected to my arduino UNO. Right now I am just measuring acceleration in 1 direction. If I understand right the accelerometer gives me the acceleration to a max 2,4, or 8 g .Is it therefore possible to calculate the speed I am moving, instead of the acceleration? Is that just "time passed * acceleration" ? and is then "time passed2 * acceleration" the total distance traveled? Just wondering if I could create a speedometer like this?

velocity += acceleration * delta_time;

what values i put in delta time the sample time ??or not

i upload the code from

the value that i take from accelerometer...what values are???are g values?????

2G is 19.62/s^2 (2x9.81m/s^2) or not....

Let's say we have ideal situation, where the moving object moves in 1 direction only, straight forward, without hills or whatever...