Arduino UNO + MacBook Air

Hi everyone,

I was just trying to test the Arduino UNO with my Macbook air (Mac OSX 10.7.3) but it doesn't seem to recognize it because I don't get the pop-up message I should when I plug the USB cable in. As I also have an older macbookpro I tried it there and I had no problems at all so everything seems to be alright with the board and cables. I checked in Terminal typinh the command ls /dev | grep usb and got:

cu.usbmodemfd121 tty.usbmodemfd121

But when I try to upload a sketch onto the board it says the port (cu.usb...) is already in use by other programs, even though there are no other programs running and I have no Virtual environments installed, which could be an issue I thought. Anyone has a clue as to where to look???

Thanks a lot,


Try the fixes here:

Thanks very much, the "/var/lock" bit did it!