arduino uno & MD03

hi everyone

I have two arduino uno boards and i want to control velocity and direction of my motors with MD03 driver. Does anyone know a good arduino sketch for it??

Thanks a lot:))

Well it looks to me (after I searched for a datasheet, which you should have provided 8) ) that all you need to do is provide a high/low or low/high pair to the board's inputs. That's trivial in Arduino. The board has the speed preset with a pot so you don't need PWM.

BUT I see the control signal needs to be 5V and up, while an Arduino provides 5V or probably a little less. So I think you would need to see if it actually works.

I think we dont have problem with arduino because an external power source could connect to MD03 that is not related to arduino. My arduino is connected to laptop and MD03 only.

Undoubtedly, this is something that has been done before and i want to use others good code to save my time and do my main work in my master project.

so the main question still remains and i am searching for it.

Seems I was looking at the wrong board on the page I found: that's why it's really up to you to provide a datasheet not have us search.

It seems to have 5V logic yes, so that's cool.

But which mode do you want to use? I see it has an "rc" mode which looks like it runs just like a servo. That would be the easiest: it says it takes a pulse from 1000-2000us with 1500us as neutral and I would surmise that 1000us will be full speed in one direction, 1500 is stopped, 2000 full speed the other way. Other values will be speeds below full speed, in whichever direction

You could test that by using the standard servo knob example. The servo library provides a 1000us pulse as 0 degrees, 1500 as 90 and 2000 as 180; or you can use servo.writeMicroseconds() for more precise control.