Arduino Uno Mini Controller?

Hi im really new to Arduino and wish to build a 12 button Control panel to use in an upcoming simulation game to control certain elements of the game, I have just purchased the Arduino Uno however after reading a lot on the internet it seems the board I have can be a MIDI controller, converting the board seems very complicated and I just wondered if anyone has any advise on where to begin? Any reply would be welcome?

What are your requirements? It's not clear from your post whether you even want midi or don't-want midi!

Sorry i wish to use my arduino uno to create a control panel for my pc simulation games with several switches so i wondered if there is a way to turn arduino UNO, the board i have into a mini controller?

If you wanted to control a PC game, a Leonardo would have probably been better. Those have a USB HID library and can emulate a mouse and keyboard.

You should Google arduino midi controller.

If you plan on connecting your control panel via USB you would be better off getting a 32u4 based arduino, rather than the 328 based Uno that you have now for the native USB support