Arduino Uno / Mini-maestro 18 / Servo-moteurs


I'm currently working on a robot spider which would walk thanks to servo motors.
I'm using an Arduino Uno card with a mini-maestro 18 microcontroller

So i've plugged all of the componements, put the working program into the arduino but nothing happens and also I put 8V in the maestro, it started to smoke a bit.

There is my wiring :

I tried to make it looks the most clear as possible, if you find someone wrong on it that would be super cool.

thanks for your help

That is a pretty picture but it is not of much use, schematics are far better and easier to read. It would help if you posted links to the technical data on the hardware you used. I am not going to burn a lot of time looking up the parts. You might reread the data sheets and plan on purchasing another board, when smoke comes out the board is damaged and will fail, we just do not know when.

You probably shouldn’t have the +5 from the arduino and the external power supply connected at the same time.

Otherwise, looks sorta ok. Did you do any. Stand-alone testing with just the maestro?
Any testing with one servo, etc?

We probably need to see your code.

You mean I put only one servo and I test each one ? I could try this indeed

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