Arduino Uno Mini USB shield

Am trying to connect a USB PXN gaming steering wheel and pedals to the arduino board using an arduino mini USB shield, I’ve downloaded the libraries and all and connected the serial pins but the wheel is not even turning on when I connect the USB cable to the shield. I’ve looked up multiple websites and still nothing useful, I even tried to upload a PS4 controller code from the library and connected the controller and it didn’t work either, any help? And if it’s possible to provide me with a useful website to teach me about it, I’d be grateful.

How do you power all that?

Am connecting the Arduino board to the PC


Check whether the shield powers the connected device.

update, it’s on, i pressed the “share” + “options” buttons for 3 seconds, and the green led (programming led indicator) is now on. But i tried the PS4USB code in the library (using a controller and steering) and nothing is happening on the serial monitor for both devices, am thinking maybe the wiring on the shield itself is messed up, because it’s a mini shield not the regular one so it doesn’t fit on top of the Uno board.

Please give a link to the exact USB shield you are using, including data sheet and library reference links. Some sources restrict the shield to 3.3V boards.

the library:

i read on a lot of websites that there’s a mistake between pin numbering on the actual shield

update, like i said, the numbering on the pins have been switched between the clock pin and MOSI pin, i switched them and connected the controller and now it says (PS4 usb library started) on the serial monitor.

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