Arduino UNO + MKS Mass Flow Controller

Hi to all! I'm new in this forum.
My name is Alessandro and I'm a Chemist. I would like to interface Arduino UNO with some old MKS Mass Flow Controllers. They have a serial port with 15 pin and I konw the meaning of each one (in the follow):

1# MKS Test Point
2# Flow Signal Output
3# Valve Close
4# Valve Open
5# Power common
6# -15 VDC
7# +15 VDC
8# Set Point Input
9# No Connection
10# Optional Connection
11# Signal Common
12# Signal Common
13# No Connection
14# No Connection
15# Chassis Ground

I would like to use it like flow reader and/or like flow regulator.
Would it be possible? If yes, how must I proceed with the connection and with the sketch?
Thanks to everyone who can help me!

Best regard,

You need to know the voltage levels of the signals, and the meaning of that voltage level. If the signal is a serial signal, then you need to know the serial data protocol.

If they are not either 0 or 5V, then you need some sort of interface between the device and a 5V Arduino.

Thank you so much!

Share the datasheet