Arduino uno mosfet

Hi, I am new to arduinos and for my first project i wanted to connect my arduino to my led strip and control it, but every tutorial on youtube has diffrent mosfets so if you could tell me how to find the right one or which ones will work it would be helpful.

First you tell us - with a Web link - what LED strip you have, how long and how many LEDs, what Arduino you have, what power supply and how you want to control it. :sunglasses:

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I am not sure if it’s this exact model but it lookes the same and has the same accessories link I have arduino smd uno r3. I am still not sure how long do i want it so you can suggest and i wanted to control it without ir sensor just the arduino.

I have used the N Channel Type STP16NF06L sometimes and it works fine

Seems to have pretty low Rds with 5V driving the gate

Then give us the link to where you bought it from. Just because it looks the same means NOTHING in the world of electronics.

I can’t find the right model the rgb strips because they are 2 years old and I threw the box never thought I would use the box, These are all the things that i know:
12V 6A , 60 leds/m, 4 pin connector(12v,R,G,B), it’s 3m long

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