Arduino Uno + Nextion + Stepper = cutting machine

It's my first post here, and actualy one of fist projects with Arduino.
Youtube Video
Quite simple project. Going to be cutting machine. Nextion is for parameter input.
Arduino is calculating stepper steps includeing accel and decel ramp. infrared sensor is for detecting if material is inserted by the user. it also detects end of material during cutting process and lets you continue or break. Code is little bugy at this time.
Oh... one more thing. there is no single library used :slight_smile:

Hello my friend. Your project is interesting. You can share a sketch for Arduino and Nextion. Email Do you have payment terms or can I help you with anything?

Witam mój przyjaciel. Interesujący projekt. Możesz podzielić się скетчем dla ардуино i Nextion. E-mail masz warunki płatności, czy mogę ci w czymś pomóc?