Arduino Uno Nokia 5110 LCD Shield

Hi all,
Can anyone please tell me where I can purchase the Arduino Uno-Nokia 5110 Shield (Blue Arduino board on which the 5110 is mounted)? [I have exhaustively searched eBay but no luck?]

Sorry for any confusion - It is the BLUE ARDUINO SHIELD I AM SEEKING, not the Nokia 5110 module. since I already have several modules.

Although if the shield only comes attached to the 5110 that’s OK too.

regards, Ian

Arduino Uno Nokia 5110 Shield.doc (256 KB)

Arduino Uno Nokia 5110 Shield.doc (256 KB)

What you show is not a shield. It is a Nokia 5110 module that needs to be installed on a shield. It has virtually no benefit over the bare 5110 modules commonly found on eBay, but I bet it costs a lot more.