Arduino Uno Not Connecting to Computer

Hello there! I am very, very new to using Arduino and in fact have little to no experience with electronics outside of basic knowledge slightly above your average citizen so please bare with me. .. After putting together my Uno and downloading the program from the website I plugged in the USB. The driver did not install and my computer did not register the Arduino in any way. Despite this the Arduino has its on LED lit up. The L LED is also continuously blinking orange. I've checked the Ports in device manager for any sign of the Arduino and have found none. ... Seeing as I'm stuck at such a basic roadblock I assumed the solution would be easy. That has not been my experience after scouring the web for hours. If anyone can offer assistance in anyway I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much.

Google CH340 if its is a clone.

Divers for clones are NOT included in the IDE for quite obvious reasons.

If installing the correct drivers doesn't solve the issue you might have a defective or charging-only USB cable. Try a different cable or test the one you're using on another device to verify it works.