Arduino Uno not recognized

I am a total newbie with Arduino, but I spent a whole day trying to get it going.

I got the official Arduino Starters kit. I installed the software (version 1.8.9) and when it asks to install USB drivers said yes. Next connected the Arduino Uno with the USB cable and the Arduino is now showing up. The Port options under Tools is greyed out.

If I look in the device manager the only thing appearing under libusb-win32 devices is ATmega16u2 DFU
Clicking on details I get that the there is something wrong with the INF-file (something with invalid Service installation section. Sorry original message is in Dutch). Updating the driver does not work. It says it does not find any drivers in C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\ARDUINO\DRIVERS

Sometimes it appears as Unknown device: USB\VID_03EB&PID_2FEF\8&A41CCB1&0&2 in the device manager, with the message Device USB\VID_03EB&PID_2FEF\8&a41ccb1&0&2 was not migrated due to partial or ambiguous match)

There is no Ports section in the Device manager

I tried to get the Arduino going on 3 different PC's. 2 have 64 bit Windows 10 (one Intel based, one AMD based chips, both latest Windows 10 updates) and on an old Vista PC. On all the PC's the same results

I allowed installing unsigned drivers as was suggested somewhere, but that did not help. I also read somewhere that the firmware of the ATmega16u2 might not be OK and that is why it is not appearing as an USB device.

I also tried an other USB cable as suggested somewhere.

Does anybody have any suggestion how to solve this. It seems like a driver issues. But the strange thing is that it happens on 3 different systems. Even an old Vista system. Or is it the firmware?

If it's showing the DFU device, that means the firmware isn't loaded on the 16u2. I think since it's showing DFU mode, you can just load it with Atmel FLIP.

Thanks for the reply. Will that work, updating the firmware, when it is not being recognized? I am in doubt, as it is a new device I could still send it back, or try to fix it myself. I will try it tomorrow.

Although it's likely that you qualify for a return, it is a bit of a process getting an authorization (support staff needs to verify that you are using an official Arduino product and that it isn't a simple user error). So it might be worth spending a little time to see if you can easily fix the problem. If it's only that the manufacturer accidentally didn't upload the firmware to the ATmega16U2, that should be a pretty quick fix and then you can get to having fun with your Starter Kit right away!

I can solve this problem by this solution :

You can upgrade your ATMEGA16u2 micro controller and maybe it solves the problem!
best :slight_smile: