arduino uno not recognized

Hi, I have a problem with an elegoo arduino uno r3 board, it isn't recognized by windows 10. In the IDE I cannot select the port and it is not present in the Device Manager (even if the board is connected because the lights are on).
What can I do?

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I have read the guide but my problem doesn't seem to be related to them...because it's like my board isn't connected at all (even if the lights are on)

If it's not recognised at all, either the board is broken, something is wrong with the cable or the cable is not plugged in completely.


If using the 1.8.10 ide then I suggest trying the 1.8.9 ide instead (if on win10 at least) - I had no problems with 1.8.9 but the later version broke a lot of things for me.....going back to the older version and all was well again!

But also check cables are good and secure as well as selecting the 'correct' port in the arduino ide before trying to upload anything.