arduino Uno not working

Hello having issues with my Ardunio uno board It stopped working I naturally thought it was the replacable chip so replaced it with a new one .When i had done that laptop still not recognizing the uno althought the orange light was flashing have checked for voltage at the 5 volt rail and that is fine but no voltage coming from the 3.3volt output .have bought another Arduino Uno the one with the square non replaceable chip but would like to get the broken one working again thanks

It could be a number of issues, faulty USB port, faulty USB chip, blown resistor, blown capacitor, faulty Crystal, faulty solder joint, short circuit, open circuit.

What I can tell you is that the 16U2 is a common point of failure of ths type, and using a USB to Serial Adaptor or another Arduino can, in most cases, be used to upload code to the 328.

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