"arduino" uno on windows 10 appears like comunications port

I bought an Arduino Uno not unique, and I am having a peculiar problem when I connect to my Windows 10, instead of appearing "unknown device" appears Communications Port (COM 1), already installed several of the drivers I saw on the internet, changed the nature of the drivers, and even with the CH340G or CH341G drivers pc does not identify the device as what the driver has, generating the code 10 error was wondering if anyone was lucky to have this problem as me, and if so what is the solution?

instead of appearing "unknown device" appears Communications Port (COM 1),

That's what it should do. Have you tried selecting Tools > Port > COM1 in the Arduino IDE and uploading a sketch to your board?

Yes, I can select the COM, but the problem is when I do upload of sketch, don't work i have the error stk500, or similar.

i have the error stk500, or similar.

Do File > Preferences > Show verbose output during > upload(check), try uploading again and post the complete output shown in the console window using code tags(</> button on the toolbar).

Are you sure COM1 is your Arduino?
try this:

  • With the Arduino board unplugged from the USB open Tools > Port and note the listed ports.
  • Close the Tools > Port menu.
  • Plug in the USB cable on the Arduino board
  • Wait a bit for the Arduino board to connect
  • Open Tools > Port, the new port on the list is your Arduino board. In some cases it will have the name of the board next to the port name but this doesn’t happen with all boards.

If you see no change in the Tools > Port menu when you do that then it indicates COM1 is something else.